I want to voice my opinion about the recent events in the news of the governor of Maine.

When it comes to politics, I can be a little sleepy, although I do vote, but when it comes to art you have my attention.

I have a degree in fine arts from the University of Maine at Augusta, am a published illustrator of two children’s books, and I am a free-lance artist.

And I am outraged.

Gov. Paul LePage’s decision to take down the mural in the entranceway of the Department of Labor in Augusta is offensive to me and, I believe, is against the freedom of expression of the American people and artists everywhere.

The mural is a depiction of the history of the work of the people of Maine and was done beautifully by the artist, Judy Taylor. At its least, it has historical and intrinsic value.

I have enjoyed it for years, and that one person, in this case LePage, can dictate it be gone, is beyond belief to me.

I know a lot is going on in the world and this may seem like a small intrusion, but I say it is big in what it represents as repression of the freedom of the people’s expression of art, ideas and all the good stuff this country was founded on.

Rita Thompson