This being Nurses Week and my having just spent four days in MaineGeneral Medical Center, I feel compelled to write about the wonderful care I received from the nursing staff (and all the staff) there.

I had heard horror stories about the hospital, but, from the moment I arrived to the moment I left, the care given was amazing.

Having said all that, I left the hospital confused (no, not from the drugs).

Who is exactly taking care of me? I learned that there is a new system in place that employs “hospitalists.” These are doctors who work solely at the hospital rather than in private practice.

Inpatients are not under the care of their primary care physicians during their stay; the hospitalist visits daily.

During my stay, I saw four different doctors.

They were all very caring and seemed well-informed about my condition — so no complaints — just observations.

Now that I have been discharged, I assume I am back in the care of my PCP and hope that someone has conveyed all of my issues, progress or lack thereof to him.

Or is that my responsibility?

Am I the one taking care of myself?

Elizabeth Stone, Hallowell,

retired psychologist