I read the letter stating that America died. Looking back on America with those glowing terms in such a simplistic manner may make for a good letter but it is just that, simplistic.

America is evolving, and revisionist history serves no one.

I do not long for the times before unions made greedy capitalists adhere to child labor laws, fair wages and non life-threatening work. Nor do I long for a time when women could not vote. I do not wish to go back to a time when I could be told by white males what I can do with my body, ultrasounds and all.

I do not long for the time when “class” determined if I made it and when we were lucky to have a job, even if we pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps (provided that we had boots).

I am sure no one longs for the time when we had slavery, when the descendants of the slaves had to ride in the back of the bus and never had a level playing field (even in sports). I do not long for any time of inequality.

I hope I never long for excessive corporate welfare and excessive welfare for those who do not need it.

I do hope for cooperation for the good of all Americans and for a time when we all have our own boots with fair and equal straps.

Lisa Kimball