The state Department of Health and Human Services has listed 21 day care centers or operators of home-based day cares who were given conditional licenses in 2013, and four whose licenses were revoked. Some of those centers and operators are listed on the website maintained by the DHHS to help parents find day care for their children ( There is no information on the website that indicates the operators have conditional or revoked licenses.

The website ranks day care centers on a 1-to-4 system, with a 4 being the best.

A 4 ranking means, among other factors, that the center has been operating for at least one year, meets state regulatory standards, has had no substantiated licensing violations in the past three years, and is nationally accredited.

A 1 ranking means the program has been in operation for at least a year and meets state regulatory standards.

Several of the day care centers have no indicated ranking. The website does not say why.

List of Maine day care centers with conditional, surrendered or revoked licenses

Note: Lyman’s Sunshine Childcare & Preschool was listed on the state’s website with a “3″ rating until last week, when its listing was removed.

Proprietor Day care center name Town Ranking License status
Barbara Barstow ABC 123 Daycare Norridgewock None Voluntarily surrendered license prior to revocation [PDF]
Charlotte Brennan Lemon Grove Daycare & Preschool Bangor None Voluntarily surrendered license prior to revocation [PDF]
Cheryl Dubois Sunshine Childcare & Preschool Lyman 3 (see note above) Conditional license issued in 2013 [PDF]
Cindy Lapoint   Buxton None Conditional license issued