I recently met Joel Stetkis, Republican candidate for House District 105.

An Air Force veteran, Joel served on the fire department and Canaan’s Planning Board, has been a member of numerous political committees and is a small business owner.

He is a constitutional conservative and gun rights advocate. To protect those who genuinely need help, he endorses welfare system reform.

Joel believes business cost reduction equals more staff. He supports lowering the overall tax burden, allowing Mainers to keep more of their income to spend how they wish, resulting in increased sales tax revenue.

He backs reversal of state law prohibiting Maine’s dams from generating more than 100 megawatts of electricity. Waterville’s dam, easily capable of producing more, is forbidden from doing so. Cheaper electricity for many is one law repeal away.

Joel is highly principled, speaking often of a missing requirement in Legislature — integrity. He deserves our votes.

Greg Paquet, Smithfield