Hats off to the organizers and participants for creating a wonderful Memorial Day celebration in Bingham in May.

It was a very special time of remembering and honoring local deceased veterans. How wonderful to see Robert Henderson, a beloved community/retired military leader, take his place up front at the podium at the Old Meeting House to welcome everyone!

The community really came together, with hymns sung by local students and three local church choirs, trumpet solos, a personal poem recital and a great story of military bravery and sacrifice from guest speaker Pastor Val, a retired military chaplain (and, full disclosure, my pastor). The service at the Bingham Cemetery was also very touching. My heart was filled with pride (and a little sadness) as they read my dad’s name — Chester Lombard.

We followed the small but enthusiastic parade uptown, then headed to the Legion Hall that was filled with friendly people and delicious homemade food. It was small-town living at it’s fines — a perfect way to cap off this special day. It meant a lot to my retired military family. I was quite proud of my hometown. Even my husband was impressed. Well done, Bingham, well done.

Judy Lombard Olson