The Waterville Public Library is a force of cohesion and growth at the heart of our community and I feel incredibly lucky to live in a city that values such a wonderful institution.

When I became a new mother, the library served as a source of delight for my daughter through its diverse children’s programming, be that in the Rhymetime program, the Mad Science demonstrations, or fairy parties. It also provided a very tired mom with some interactions with adults that I am sure helped me through a winter maternity leave.

The library continues to provide my family with valuable resources, such as a terrific array of books and the reader dogs. Anyone who watches a 7-year-old read to a golden retriever cannot help but feel content with the world for at least a little while.

This past month was the library’s annual Nosh and Knockoff, an annual fundraiser made possible by generous local businesses; it was wonderful to see a gathering of the members of our community who love and value our library. In the time I have spent there, I know the library loves its city right back. Thank you to the patrons, community members, and especially thank you to the National Medal Award-winning staff at the library; your support of the library’s vision of empowering people and strengthening our community is a huge part of why I love living in Waterville.

Anna O’Keefe