J.P. Devine is a Waterville writer.

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  • Abandoning his ruminations on youth when climate change forced a move to Maine, JP Devine pens an unlikely message of hope.
  • Forever and ever, permanently, 100 percent, She is retiring from teaching and will be back home as surely as FLOTUS takes up residence with POTUS in the White House, writes J.P. Devine.
  • His next and last book, a memoir — which requires honesty — needs a title change, J.P. Devine writes.
  • She may not remember that She and JP have their own song, but Doris Day, among others, brings back memories from the '50s, writes JP Devine.
  • JP Devine remembers the stories he grew up with of the men who fought in wars far afield.
  • Anticipating the celebration this weekend, the pageantry of the event and the innocence of the children awakens memories of his first big drama, J.P. Devine writes.
  • In Trump's Great Massacre of Truth era, comedians still must take the stage, still must make us laugh lest we go mad, J.P. Devine writes.
  • Wisdom thrives in the modern day agora — the supermarket — where trouble seems to seek him out, writes JP Devine
  • She, a woman of dazzling hues, opts for a car as white as a freshly ironed shirt, JP Devine writes
  • The recent release of Tony Sanborn on bail after he spent 25 years in prison on a murder charge is a reminder that habits developed over time don't disappear overnight and things remembered can come back, J.P. Devine writes.
  • Culinary surprises can sometimes bring a fresh dose of reality, J.P. Devine writes.
  • A ride through the market in the Golden Electric Cart proves that pain is temporary but humiliation is forever, J.P. Devine writes.
  • Imagine Melania, from Sevnica in southeastern Slovenia, now in her own castle in a Fifth Avenue tower, where she is enshrined but forgotten, J.P. Devine writes.
  • Handling pain is one thing, but finding glory can be elusive, J.P. Devine writes.
  • With subpoenas flying back and forth from Moscow to Mar-a-Lago, history is in the making and Hollywood wants to get a jump on it, J.P. Devine writes.
  • From life choices to politics to the Oscars, everyone has their own 'what if' lists, J.P. Devine writes.
  • The recent passing of Al Joseph is a reminder of caroling, quiet devotion and a rich Lebanese heritage in Waterville, J.P. Devine writes.
  • Fake news can start from a frighteningly close adaptation of a true story to the plain absurd, J.P. Devine writes.
  • With all the attention focused on the border down south, have we forgotten to guard against 'bad hombres' from the north? J.P. Devine writes.
  • Looking wistfully at presidential images from years ago, memories emerge that could be dangerous, J.P. Devine writes.

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