J.P. Devine is a Waterville writer.

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  • A look into the future finds Paul LePage cutting the ribbon for the start of a subway from Colbyville (formerly Waterville), writes prognosticator J.P. Devine.
  • A tale in six acts and a happy Veterans Day to vets who are real, J.P. Devine writes.
  • The film focuses on single-mom barely out of her late teens, who has a love child from someone in the past who doesn't even rate a photo on the fridge, J.P. Devine writes.
  • Moving the column to Sunday sparks memories of glamor, of the sacred, of interlaced fingers that bind us together, J.P. Devine writes.
  • A new committee gets a flood of ideas from great wall builders such as Steven Spielberg, Chinese entrepreneurs and Russian gulag engineers, writes J.P. Devine.
  • Putting on socks, shoes and boxers may require the caution needed around Harvey Weinstein, though J.P. Devine disavows ever having known him.
  • Despite having a cataract procedure scheduled, J.P. Devine writes that worries about not wearing glasses have diminished as he gets a look at cool designer eyewear.
  • Really, it all begins with the iPhone, and then you have Walmart wanting to deliver groceries to your door, writes J.P. Devine.
  • While he wouldn't call himself a patriot — entirely too vigorous — the flag does have meaning for him, writes J.P. Devine.
  • To keep yourself vital, find your way to a barber shop to talk to people of all stripes and persuasions, writes J.P. Devine.
  • The new iPhone X, with facial recognition software, puts more pressure on appearances, technologically speaking, writes J.P. Devine.
  • On the occasion of his entry into the world, his mother sweetened her palate with a swig of the soft drink, forever making Dr Pepper the toast of his birth, writes J.P. Devine.
  • Teachers are more valuable than 'a dime a dozen,' despite what the governor says, and each deserves an apple for the differences they make in our lives, writes J.P. Devine.
  • Believing he was to be honored with a plaque by the Morning Sentinel, J.P. Devine ups the ante for next year — and it's not just tiny Swedish meat balls.
  • Amid myriad leaks emanating from the Oval Office of 45 involving consumption of the sun by snakes or dragons, J.P. Devine reveals sure-fire ways to handle the celestial event.
  • A memoir of a Broadway star, a cabaret singer, and the New York haunts of actors and dancers in halcyon days gone by, writes J.P. Devine.
  • From Spanish galleons to widow's walks on the coast of Maine, there's always something that makes you change course, J.P. Devine writes
  • Movie is a reminder that behind us in centuries of history, there were defenders of freedom, real heroes, who walked this planet without magic shields or ray guns, and sometimes without hope, saved democracy, J.P. Devine writes.
  • Trump's new communicator is giving the White House a Gambino family look as the house of '45' resembles the cast of a movie cast written by the Coen Brothers, writes J.P. Devine.
  • In the family-based film set on the rocky coast of Maine, characters will be tested by a deep-sea storm before the waters calm on a positive note, writes J.P. Devine.

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