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Monday March 27, 2017

J.P. Devine is a Waterville writer.

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  • Imagine Melania, from Sevnica in southeastern Slovenia, now in her own castle in a Fifth Avenue tower, where she is enshrined but forgotten, J.P. Devine writes.
  • Handling pain is one thing, but finding glory can be elusive, J.P. Devine writes.
  • With subpoenas flying back and forth from Moscow to Mar-a-Lago, history is in the making and Hollywood wants to get a jump on it, J.P. Devine writes.
  • From life choices to politics to the Oscars, everyone has their own 'what if' lists, J.P. Devine writes.
  • The recent passing of Al Joseph is a reminder of caroling, quiet devotion and a rich Lebanese heritage in Waterville, J.P. Devine writes.
  • Fake news can start from a frighteningly close adaptation of a true story to the plain absurd, J.P. Devine writes.
  • With all the attention focused on the border down south, have we forgotten to guard against 'bad hombres' from the north? J.P. Devine writes.
  • Looking wistfully at presidential images from years ago, memories emerge that could be dangerous, J.P. Devine writes.
  • A tumble to the icy ground sparks ruminations about writing clear and hard about what hurts, J.P. Devine writes.
  • News that Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus is closing after 146 years has stirred memories of fear, anxiety and magic, J.P. Devine writes.
  • The musical sensation 'La La Land' is a reminder of movie magic and that sometimes we need to fall in love again, J.P. Devine writes.
  • It's 2018 and the president, with his place in history secured and time to spare, is looking to remake and act in old movies like 'Gone With the Wind' and 'The Godfather,' J.P. Devine writes.
  • Having spent five decades tethering her beloved madman to reality, She hopes that this time of stress will pass as the New Year dawns, J.P. Devine writes.
  • On this Christmas Eve and feast of Hanukkah, when we light the tree and the first candle in the menorah, remember that there is darkness around the world and children in need of our love, J.P. Devine writes
  • This winter's Great White Bull comes not with whipping winds and big cold flakes, but instead softly, with no battle to be fought and no victory to be won, J.P. Devine writes.
  • Muffled voices, the smell of coffee, Vicks VapoRub, smoke on the porch — the senses aid recollection of the attack on Pearl Harbor, J.P. Devine writes.
  • This 2018 Democratic survival plan calls for a group of older hands, with better movie memories, who can do the necessary undercover work of a modern campaign, J.P. Devine writes.
  • The film reminds us that just because the breezes that ruffle that flag we salute are often sweet, the stink of American racism on the ground is virulent and festering, J.P. Devine writes.
  • From Ireland to Argentina, and Mexico to Sweden, there are plenty of possibilities for leaving the country — if only we had passports, J.P. Devine writes.
  • Instead of watching Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews, J.P. Devine is tuning in to Turner Classic Movies and QVC.

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