Why Gov. Paul LePage fails to realize that polarization is counterproductive baffles me.

The mural brouhaha show a serious lack of understanding on his part. Rather than being depicted as some fearful little man running around the neighborhood with a spray can defacing anything he feels isn’t promoting his political agenda, wouldn’t it have been better to commission a piece of artwork depicting the struggle of business in the state of Maine?

His decision would have employed the art community. He would not have been seen as dictatorial, impulsive and capricious, The situation would not have distracted the governor or the people of Maine, and finally the occasion could have been pointed to an example of how the governor listens and understands his constituency.

“They need to get over themselves” is a far cry from any thing positive in this situation.

What many saw when LePage was elected as straight talk is quickly dissolving into cheap oneliners with little thought behind them. Such a position diminishes LePage, and allows others to believe in the worst possible stereotyping of Maine.

We have an obligation to insist our elected leaders act with a certain amount of dignity. Without it, our leaders are simply ragamuffins with smart mouths and no credibility.

Michael Walley


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