Democracy has always been the most difficult of all forms of government since it requires the widest spread of intelligence, and we forgot to make ourselves intelligent when we made ourselves sovereign.

It may be true that you can’t “fool all the people all the time” but you can fool enough of them to govern the state of Maine.

The above refers to many people but today, I will concentrate on Paul LePage.

He is launching a TV show to help get his message across to Mainers without any interference from the State House press corps. LePage is going to talk about the issues, and, people are encouraged to follow up with their own research without media interference. That’s what he calls transparency.

See if I have this correct: He plans on muzzling freedom of the press, which is one of our fundamental rights in the First Amendment to the Constitution.

When legally possible, I suggest we use the recall not only on the governor but also those Republican legislators who are backing LePage on destroying this great state.

Joyce Bushey


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