Gov. Paul LePage has done it again — shown his ignorance and insensitivity. Now he has removed a mural in the Department of Labor building that depicted the history of Maine workers. Why?

During his campaign, and since, he has declared that he is working for the people of Maine, not special interests. Doesn’t seem that way to me.

Look at his budget proposals. He wants to disqualify working parents from the state health insurance program.

He wants to make cuts to programs that help low-income elderly and disabled people with Medicare premiums and deductibles, and assist with their prescription drug costs.

He wants to cut funds to family planning clinics that provide health care to thousands of teens, women and men.

He wants state workers to contribute more so that the state can pay back what it borrowed from their retirement fund.

All of this, and more, as he proposes tax breaks for Maine’s wealthiest citizens.

Research shows that tax breaks to the wealthy do not create jobs. Instead, many of these proposals will end up costing us more in the end, as more people become homeless, seek health care through emergency rooms, and as more elderly and disabled find themselves in need of nursing home care.

It doesn’t sound like he is working for the people. It does sound as if these proposals will cause more job losses in the state and therefore less revenue to help build Maine’s infrastructure and assist Maine people through tough times.

LePage’s mantra of “People before Politics” doesn’t wash. His actions show that he is pandering to business interests and a minority of tax complainers. With these proposals, the average citizen ends up paying more to deal with problems transferred to our local communities.


Robert Hayes


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