There are definitely more important things to report on, or at least put on the front page, than to run several days about a mural.

A mural that hardly anyone ever saw or knew anything about. There are many more important issues at hand.

Thank goodness for “letters to the editor,” at least that way a broader view of opinions are heard, not just the liberal-left, which seems to be what the majority of the media portray, represent and support.

While we are on the subject of media portrayal: The LePage budget issue on the employee retirement pension has been basically one-sided. A woman said in an interview that she has not received a cost of living raise in three years and that Social Security and private sector retirement recipients have.

Well, I am a recipient of Social Security disability and we have not received a cost of living raise either for several years but our Medicare premium has increased.

She also said she won’t be able to retire when she had planned. Oh, shame.

Statements also have been made that their retirement pension is all they have to rely on because they never paid into Social Security benefits because they are municipal or state workers.

Well, all I have to say is, what about the people who are my age (53) and younger who have paid into Social Security all their working life and will probably never receive their retirement from Social Security because that issue has been dropped to the wayside by the federal government. Now that is an issue that should be brought up again by the media and government.

Lois Gelina


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