It has become increasingly apparent that 38 percent of Maine voters made a glaring mistake last November.

The election of Paul LePage is becoming not only a joke but also a possible major financial disaster for many of the state’s population.

LePage’s inappropriate remarks concerning both elected and organizational officials truly shows the lack of social skills, a direct result of the childhood problems that our leader encountered.

A most recent statement made by LePage reveals that he is lacking in at least two other areas. The statement that indicated he would veto any budget that did not contain “his” no cost of living increases and 2 percent caps tells me that he is deficient when it comes to the early childhood learned skills of sharing ideas and peer negotiations.

I hope for our sake (the people of Maine) as well as his that his skills improve drastically during the remainder of his tenure or LePage and the residents of Maine are in for a long, uncomfortable three years and nine months.

Al Fuller


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