Gov. Paul LePage has done it again. Calling the people who suggested making a human chain in front of the mural “idiots” shows he has no respect for anyone. He says “get over yourselves.”

I think he needs someone to bring him down a few pegs himself.

Since he took office (not by majority vote, I might add), he has insulted women with “little beards,” started messing with the bottle bill and is reversing everything it took years to achieve with our environment.

Taking down the mural should be the last thing on his mind.

He’s been in office barely three months and has insulted everyone in his path. Now he has a talk show. I think he ran for governor because he is into himself and only himself.

Just think: He has three years and nine months left. I hope we have a state left by the time he’s done. Too bad we can’t get him out before he does more damage. People are already making plans to vacation elsewhere.

He needs to go sit in the corner until he can govern the state like a governor should.

Good thing he’s not governor of New York. What would he do with Ellis Island?

Rita Welcome


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