As we all grapple with shrinking budgets and more demands for service, I want to express my gratitude that the residents of Pittston and West Gardiner voted to continue to be partner communities using the Gardiner Public Library.

So many municipalities are looking for cuts in their budgets, yet these two towns overwhelmingly supported the library during these tough economic times.

Public libraries throughout the state and the country need more support than ever before. When times get tough, people look toward libraries for many things. We supply them with books about writing resumes; free Internet use; access to recreational reading; and fulfill their research needs.

Libraries are a haven to at-risk children and a warming center for people who cannot afford to heat their homes. I believe that, most of all, libraries are the heart of everyone’s community.

So I want to express my appreciation for everyone who took the time to attend their town meeting and who stood up to declare that their library means something to them, because, I can assure you, our community members mean everything to us.

Anne Davis, director

Library and Information Services


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