For more than 21 years, I have worked as a chemist at 221 State St. in Augusta. Like many of my co-workers, I take pride in my work. Long days, many nights and weekends are the demands of my job, though I don’t get a raise or even a cost-of-living adjustment for my hard work.

Still, I’m a proud public employee hired to serve the people of Maine. And for my work and dedication, I would hope to be cared for by my employer when I reach retirement age, right?

But now budget plans would repeal the state’s contractual obligations to public employees, including our pensions. Contractual commitments should not be broken.

I lost $1,668 last year alone, and if the budget is passed as is, more will be taken from my paycheck to increase my pension contribution to almost 10 percent of my wages. And the state would reduce its share so that the top 10 percent of taxpayers would get the biggest rewards.

I may dream of the day I can retire, but how many more times in the next dozen years will the rug be pulled out from under me? What will my retirement age be then?

This kind of political policy has got to stop.

Cheryl Soucy

West Gardiner

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