I vowed not to write about Paul LePage, as I believe the old saying about getting into a match with a skunk (think about it). It has gotten to the point, however, where we can’t resist weighing in. And apparently we don’t need to worry about this bully’s retribution, as he doesn’t read newspapers.

We own a small business. So far most of the people supporting LePage’s anti-labor policies (removing a mural, changing names of meeting rooms, taxing teachers, etc.) have not signed their names to their statements.

As small business people we are not embarrassed to attach our names to the fact that we are mortified by this governor. We cringe every day when we watch the news, Jon Stewart, and yes, read the paper, to see what new ridiculous, overbearing thing LePage has said or done.

These small business people are not in favor of, and do not support Paul LePage.

Barry and Abigail Norling


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