Shame on Peter Sirois for comparing our governor to a vicious killer like Saddam Hussein.

I tried to follow his point about clawing versus working your way to the top, but he lost me with, “Look what we did, not only to him, but to his people.”

Some thoughts about his perception of state workers being “taken from” and a recent news story about home visits for young mothers.

The union-backed state workers blame Wall Street, which is true, but all of us lost across the board, not just state workers’ pensions. Stories don’t mention that workers like me, not represented by a union, also are suffering losses. It’s not being taken from us, simply because it is not there.

A young woman on local TV was whining that nobody would come and do homecare visits with her and her 18-month-old son. She wouldn’t know how to raise him otherwise, and hadn’t known she should read to him and sit down to dinner. Millions figured that out on their own. The story didn’t mention how this woman supported herself.

The common thread here is that through all the whining and complaining by state workers and people such as the young woman who has a homecare worker, no one, even Sirois, offers any solutions.

We, the non-union workers of Maine, elected Paul LePage because we are tired of Augusta redistributing our hard-earned wealth. I do not mind paying taxes, but I am tired of it supporting unwed mothers, who don’t know enough to read to their children, or lining the pockets of union leaders.

We pay state workers who pay union dues. Union dues are used to influence elections. Conflict of interest? Here’s a solution, take the union dues and put those toward your pension.

Jennifer Lynds


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