I was surprised to learn Bill Ayers was asked to speak at University of Maine.

That was very exciting news. It’s not every day a scholar/educator/activist/proponent of social justice such as this one comes to Maine to share his wisdom.

Wait a minute, there is an accolade I forgot to mention. He is also an unapologetic terrorist.

He was a member of the Weather Underground, which tried to kill innocent police officers and members of our armed forces. The same Weather Underground that was for ending U.S. imperialism and whose goal was to achieve a classless world: world communism.

This is a man who once advocated killing the rich. Instead of spreading his ideals through violence and terror, today he is doing it through educating.

He has cut his hair, taken a bath and put on a blazer, and now he teaches our children the same ideals he believed when he tried to murder innocent Americans.

Not that I am suggesting he be silenced; I prefer terrorists and communists let it be known who they are. I’m just surprised there are people who want to listen to his message. We’re in a lot more trouble than I thought.

Robert J. Worden


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