If you were born in Maine during the last century, then your parents, grandparents and/or great-grandparents likely worked in a paper mill, shoe factory, on a farm, or in boat building, fishing, etc.

Many of those now in the Legislature came from such hard-working people.

“Made in Maine” was identified with words such as honesty, integrity, pride and excellence. The mural everyone is talking about depicts the history of Maine and its people.

If the state attracts new businesses, it will be because of this kind of work force. What a wonderful opportunity for our governor and legislators to show them this mural and explain its history.

Our lawmakers should stand tall and beam with pride when they tell the stories of Maine people and their work ethic.

This mural should be returned to a place of honor in our state Capitol as a representation of our history.

To quote Gov. Paul LePage: “People before politics.”

Joan Thomas


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