Last week, I received an automated phone call from a group known as Americans for Prosperity criticizing our local state senator, Sen. David Trahan, R-Waldoboro, about votes made in the Taxation Committee. The caller said Trahan voted “against family farms and against repealing the death tax.”

Those who know Dave like I do knew there was something fishy about this statement. I have known him personally for many years.

No one works harder than Dave in supporting Maine’s struggling, working families. He has always been an advocate in reforming Maine’s tax code to allow taxpayers to keep more of their hard-earned money.

His past actions have demonstrated this commitment, as he led the charge last year of repealing the expansion of the sales tax on 102 new items and services.

Issues before the Legislature are always much more complicated than what can be voiced in a 20-second “robo-call.” What the caller failed to say was that Trahan voted to completely reform our outdated estate tax code and to exempt the first $5 million of our so-called “death tax” from taxation, with $10 million being exempt for couples.

That is real savings now, with no gimmicks, for our small businesses and family farms.

It is unfortunate that Americans for Prosperity felt it needed to use amateurish lobbyist and out-of-state bullying tactics to skew the facts for some sort of political gain. Trahan is a champion for Maine taxpayers, small businesses and farmers alike. We are fortunate to have him in Augusta fighting for us.

Duncan Morrell


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