Several bills are currently before the Legislature that advocate either a partial repeal or a full repeal of Maine’s clean election system.

This is disappointing, because for more than 10 years, the Maine Clean Election Act has worked to get the big money out of Maine elections. We did it by imposing reasonable contribution limits and creating a system that allows qualified candidates to run for office without going to private interests for money.

Thanks to Clean Elections, people of even modest income can make a legitimate run for a seat in the Maine Legislature. This keeps Maine voters in the driver’s seat of our democracy, and our elected officials are accountable to us, not to big donors.

I want to keep it that way, so this year I checked “yes” for Clean Elections on my Maine income tax form.

Checking “yes” does not add to my tax bill or reduce my refund, but it does send $3 into the Maine Clean Election Fund. That fund, built with the tiny contributions of thousands of Maine people, is our bulwark against the undue influence of special interest campaign contributions.

Keep Maine voters in charge by checking “yes” for Clean Elections.

Jess Smith


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