WATERVILLE — Mid-Maine Technical Center announces its third-quarter honor roll.

Automotive collision repair — high honors: Robert Clark and Ryan Logan, both of Messalonskee High School.

Honors: Bradley Bourgeois, Winslow; Jack Hamlin, Messalonskee.

Automotive technology — high honors: Jacob Ashline, Waterville Senior High School; David Mawhinney, Lawrence High School; Michel Seguin and Jonathan Varnum, both of Messalonskee.

Honors: Blake Bisson, Jacob Jones, Micah Mills, Ethan Pooler and Benjamin Tuttle, all of Messalonskee; Seth Couture, Todd Genest and Dustin Orchard, Winslow Senior High School; Jayden Hardy and Lance Jolicoeur, Waterville; Alfred McIntyre, Jacob Raymond Taylor, Nathan Sitnik and Christopher Thompson, all of Lawrence.

Computer-aided drafting — high honors: David Cook, Zachary Costello, Kenneth Dyer, Jeffrey Hale, Brian Huff, Benjamin Roy, all of Waterville; Joshua Mayo, Winslow; Ethan Vonderheide, Messalonskee.

Honors: Tyler Bard, Charles Bowring, Alan Kitchin, Cody Richard and Till Wenzel, Waterville; Brandon Bickford, Winslow; Cody McKenna, Lawrence; Mathew Miner; Messalonskee.

Computer technology — high honors: Andrew Leonard, Jeremy Nguyen, both of Waterville; Kevin Moore, Nathan Taylor and Jacob Thompson, all of Messalonskee; Nathan Raynes, Winslow.

Honors: Anthony Dubay Waterville; Hannah Fitch and Gage Perry, both of Lawrence; Bryant Proctor, Messalonskee.

Construction technology — high honors: Roy Barnaby, Terrance Hartley, Nicholas Richardson, Lawrence; Dylan Clark, Brandon Koenig and Chad Waceken, Winslow; Nicholas Gagne, Alex Morin, Cody Robbins, Richard Shibles and Johnathan Violette, Messalonskee.

Honors: Tyler Bragg, Michael Joslyn and Joshua Ward, all of Winslow; Dylan Clark, Justin McKenna and James McMahon, all of Messalonskee.

CTE Academy — honors: Michael Benecke, Messalonskee.

Culinary arts — high honors: Kyle Calvo, Darren Veilleux and Jared Wing, all of Winslow; Kassey Corbin, Hanna Steinberg and Tifani Warren, all of Messalonskee; Keagan Crowell; Lawrence; Caitlyn Meredith and Alexis Russo, both of Waterville.

Honors: Betsy Bell and Johnna Poulin, Lawrence; Denise Breton and Meagan Halliday, Messalonskee; Amber Pilotte and Cheyenne Tardiff, Waterville.

Digital graphics — high honors: Casey Conchinha and Jessica Giroux, Lawrence; Kaitlyn Linnell, Winslow; Elisabeth Roscoe, Waterville Alternative School.

Honors: Renee Cullivan, Waterville; Ryan Lovett and Tameaka Philbrick, Messalonskee; Cody Morrison, Winslow; Hannah Yandow, Lawrence.

Early childhood occupations — high honors: Magyn Caron, Leeannza Delosh and Lydia Thompson, Messalonskee; Kaylee Constable, Winslow; Kali Emery, Ashley Barnes, Lawrence; Amber Lapierre, Waterville.

Honors: Jillian Adams, Kayla Chesson and Felicia Howard, all of Messalonskee; Emily Cole, RaeAnn Mushrow and Shanna Seekins, all of Winslow; Teryn Dugal, Temple Academy; Caroline Millecam, Waterville; Katherine Royer, Lawrence.

Electrical technology — high honors: Johanna Coulombe, Messalonskee; Nicole Gagne, Waterville; Stewart Thomas, Lawrence.

Honors: Dayton Bourassa, Ernest Cyr, Dylan Gilbert, all of Winslow; Jacob Brochu and Cameron Wight Messalonskee; Richard Gadway, Zackary McManus, Spencer Shores and Raymond Swett, all of Lawrence; Peter Genica, Waterville.

Emergency services — honors: Ethan Foss, Messalonskee; Courtney Williams, Waterville.

Medical careers — honors: Leah Frost, Winslow; Megan Mawhinney, Lawrence; Lucas Mosher, Messalonskee.

Precision machining — high honors: Zachary Murray-Poirier, Joshua Rideout, John Skinner, Messalonskee; Travis Veilleux, Winslow; Nicholas Weymouth, Lawrence.

Honors: Jakub Jandreau, Messalonskee.

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