Kirk Palmer, in his letter printed June 12, has misstated a number of facts.

Israel is not an apartheid state. Except for being drafted into the army, all Palestinians in Israel have full civil rights, including the right to vote. Palestinians are members of Israel’s Parliament.

The concrete wall, built by Israel as reaction to terrorist attacks originating from the West Bank and Gaza, has substantially reduced the number of these attacks.

It is not true that Israel restricts humanitarian supplies to Gaza. During the week that ended April 15, 3,646 truckloads of food and medical supplies were sent to Gaza through Israel. Restrictions are placed only on weapons and other supplies that Hamas uses to attack civilian targets in Israel.

As for Israel’s alleged 400 nuclear warheads, nobody knows how many warheads Israel has, if any.

During the Clinton administration, Yassir Afrafat rejected Israel’s offer to agree to 95 percent of the Palestinians’ demands. The Palestinians also violated the Oslo Accords. Israel rejected the so-called generous Palestinian offers because they would have resulted in its destruction.

Our government has supported Israel and has vetoed anti-Israel United Nations resolutions because it was and is in our interest to do so. In commenting on our aid to Israel, Palmer failed to mention our aid to the Palestinians.

Aid to Israel has nothing to do with the status of Social Security payments, which come from a trust fund that has been depleted over the years to reduce federal deficits.

Yale Marienhoff


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