I’m upset that, once again, the MSAD 13 School Board in Bingham is looking to cut out the industrial arts program. For the past five years, MSAD 13 School Board members look at the number of prospective students and then they make recommendations as to what programs ought to be cut.

Each year, the actual number of students attending the industrial arts program is much higher than the low-ball prediction made by administrators. The industrial arts program boasts 74 students out of 120 secondary students who attend Quimby Middle School and Valley High School.

I believe that school board members have not been accurately informed as to how many students actually participate in the Industrial Arts Program and that the information they received was partly false, partly manipulative and partly withheld from them. It is my hope that the MSAD 13 School Board members will continue keep industrial arts program.

Kim Bolduc Bartlett


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