I regularly shovel snow from the roof of my house in the winter to prevent structural damage to my residence. Living in Maine, it is common sense to do this. Apparently, the owners of the Kennebec Ice Arena either were unwilling to remove the snow from their roof or did not know about the dangers of snow buildup.

Either way, the collapse of their roof was not simply a random tragic event such as a tornado, hurricane or earthquake. Instead, the collapse was preventable. The owners did not take appropriate precautions.

It was only dumb luck that the roof collapsed while no one was in the arena. If anyone had been hurt or killed, surely this would have highlighted the responsibility of the owners for preventing such a collapse.

Now these same owners want a 20-year TIF from the city of Hallowell to rebuild the ice arena.

I have heard nothing from the owners concerning an investigation about the causes of the roof collapse. I have heard nothing about their responsibility for monitoring and shoveling their roof. I have heard nothing about the fact that their roof was clearly dangerous.

Before Hallowell grants this TIF, I would ask that the city council raise these questions. As a Hallowell resident, I do not want to be even partly responsible for rebuilding an ice skating arena that could again become a danger to those who use it.

Gregory Fahy


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