Janet Dyer (letter, July 9, “CMP’s Policies Manage Osprey Nest Responsibly”) is concerned that people may have the wrong impression of CMP’s actions regarding the osprey along the 176 miles of line being discontinued by the Maine Power Reliability Project.

However, I think she may be confused about the people’s concerns. She defends both the right of CMP to remove inactive nests and being legally allowed to remove active nests.

I think what she fails to realize is that people do not want the nests removed — period.

The nests in question lie along the line being taken down by CMP, this line and these poles will no longer be in use. So why can’t the poles with nests on them be left standing? Take the lines, take the empty poles and leave the birds in peace.

Legally, CMP can take them down; its poles, its land and it has permits. But, as in many areas of life, what is legally allowed is not always the moral choice.

Why disturb them when there’s an alternative? Here’s an idea: Create an “Adopt A Pole” program. Allow the public to sign up as adopters; people adopt highways, why not a pole? These people can be charged with monitoring bird activity and pole safety.

If there are safety concerns or the nest is truly inactive, meaning a full nesting season has gone by with no bird activity, then the pole can come down if CMP so desires.

This plan would save CMP time and money in the short term. It might not be the ultimate solution, but there are solutions out there besides ripping down all the nests.

CMP should reconsider its position for the sake of the birds and the people who enjoy them.

Rebecca Loveland, Litchfield

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