How can the people of this country condone spending millions of dollars of our money trying a couple of overpaid athletes (Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds)?

Every person with any sense at all believes they are guilty. They both perjured themselves and both stole millions of dollars from the American people. And they continue to rob the American people by playing the game of baseball.

They cheated, and they got caught, and they should stop making the fans pay. Why don’t they have enough respect for the rich life they have been given and admit their guilt?

Bonds’ hat size went from a 7 to 19. Duh. Clemens left the Red Sox with a non-Hall of Fame career. Then he came back, with his increased size and made a superhuman comeback. I guess his perjury trial should be overlooked.

I just wish I had millions of dollars and I could hire a great team of lawyers and I could bilk the world out of so much money. Then, after the great ripoff, I could become an NFL executive and I could put my entire country in the sewer.

Ed Morris


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