After almost 200 years, your paper just decided prayer is harmful?

The newspaper, “LePage joins Perry in call for day of prayer,” and the crowd of online followers should read some history, or at least read Gov. Paul LePage’s proclamation.

Every Maine govenor since William King in 1820 has issued proclamations calling for days of prayer and fasting. Many were much more specific than the most recent one.

John Baldacci issued at least eight such proclamations. I don’t remember the criticism over those.

Nothing in LePage’s proclamation “appears to embrace evangelical Christianity as opposed to be welcoming of all faiths.”

More than two dozen (more than twice the number reported in this paper) recommended observing the day according to each person’s conscience. The article points out that they are all Republicans, but the article failed to mention that every member of the Legislature was invited to add his or her name. Why is the paper trying to make this appear to be a partisan issue?

I thank LePage and the 30 legislators for agreeing with Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt and reminding us of our greatest resource — prayer.

Bob Emrich


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