We need to develop renewable sources of energy in order to cut carbon emissions. Wind should be a centerpiece of this development.

President Bush in 2006 said, “It’s possible we could generate 20 percent of our electricity needs with wind.”

What are we waiting for? All sorts of excuses are presented — costs, noise, place, nature disturbance. But, the issues are clean air and foreign oil. Wind is renewable, abundant, inexpensive (considering the costs of depleting sources of energy).

The U.S. National Academy of Sciences purports that wind generation on land can produce 40 times the current world consumption of electricity from all sources.

Wind could be heating, cooling and lighting buildings and running cars and trains. We are spending $500 billion annually subsidizing the use of fossil fuels compared to $46 billion on energy subsidies.

Oil fields run dry and coal runs out, but wind is there for the taking. Proper siting of wind farms is essential but doing with out is detrimental to our future and the health of our planet.

Vinita Burns


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