The president has the title, but what is his job description? And what happen to his campaign promises? Where does he stand on anything of importance? Lots of questions, yet no answers to any of them.

Barack Obama talked a lot about absentee fathers during his campaign, so where is he all the time? Out campaigning or hopping on his jet every day.

And how much of our tax money goes for all these parties and all this traveling?

Obama has yet to address any of the real issues that trouble our country or the ones running rampant around the world. I just don’t understand why Americans can’t see what this president is all about.

It doesn’t matter whether we’re Democrats or Republicans, but it does matter where we want this country to go. Greed is not an option any more.

Let’s make this world a better place for our children and teach them that money isn’t everything, honor the flag that we fly and fight for integrity.


Did our forefathers fight and go to war for nothing, or did they fight for freedom?

Another election is on its way; let’s try to get it right this time.

I’m a senior citizen, and all that money that was taken out of my paycheck every week for Social Security was mine, no matter what they say. I should not be threatened by the president that he’s not sure if they have money to pay me.

I’m getting tired of the government threatening to cut Social Security every time they overspend or give U.S. money to other countries or big businesses.

Brenda Lachance


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