Real campaign finance reform will not come from politicians. Neither Democrats nor Republicans want what is fair. They want the advantage and all the advantage (money) they can get.

Corporations and special interest groups have invested billions of dollars in our election process. They currently hold a controlling interest in our government. We, the people, are just small investors and are inconsequential in the politicians’ quest for fame, fortune and power. For all intents and purposes, a political party is a special interest group with a political agenda.

Many of these politicians are god-fearing people. This is understandable, since the only thing many of them worship is the almighty dollar and the power that comes from possessing or controlling it.

Because of the overwhelming size of our government and the massive amount of money it takes to run it, we will never stop all of the corruption that is embedded within it. We can however, through the power of petition, take back control of our election process and regain control of our government.

We can once again have a government “of the people, for the people and by the people.”

Let us, the citizens of the great state of Maine, live up to our state motto. Let us guide the nation away from this shameful corruption. Let us inspire all citizens of this great nation to petition for sensible and equitable campaign finance reform.

Kerry L. Holmes


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