With regards to Mark Pantermoller’s letter (July 16), I don’t know about leaf eaters, but I’m in full agreement that too many intrude where they are neither wanted nor required.

Yeah, I smoke and am tired of this invasive witch-hunt. Now there’s rumblings of making private clubs smoke-free.

What part of private is not understood here? If someone finds smoking offensive, they have the “right” to go elsewhere.

The grand plan is to make people live healthier by taxing them into submission. Why is nobody attacking another leading cause of death? Obesity. Politicians can insult smokers all day long and promote this second class citizen stuff, but don’t want to offend anyone that might be a bit large.

Burdensome healthcare costs are thrown about as a reason to climb on board and look down your nose on those that don’t support the collective. I don’t see any sin taxes being proposed for fast food.

One hundred percent of tobacco taxes, not to mention the large tobacco settlement, went to smoking cessation exclusively, right? Why mess around? Make smoking illegal. Afraid of the loss of revenues? Hypocrites, indeed.

Jef Truman


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