In my opinion, policy to cut public and social services to achieve budgetary goals is the wrong approach. This economist-based direction would license even more profit to the same private financial district and international investors who are already without responsibility to the American citizenry they are dealing for and selling to.

The standard of purchasing labor and production in an open market and selling in a closed market is the root cause of the deficit. No allegiance is forged into American production and exchange to inspire social justice for all citizens or to ensure future generations as much opportunity. The United States is absent of industry and manufacturing as a result of our society’s role at the bottom of globalization.

Tax breaks for the richest citizens must end. What are these people investing in, besides their own benefit, that corporations and global markets do not already account for? If these people have issues submitting to a just tax code, the option exists for them to not accumulate wealth. Another less selfish and more patriotic entrepreneur will assume the vacant slot and life will move on.

Public works are not the answer to the nation’s fiscal issues. These jobs are scheduled maintenance and growth projects funded by U.S. taxpayers, not the tax revenue generated from the business and commerce taking place in third-world and socialist nations.

The proper solution to the deficit is to match the republic’s economic and tax paying markets in the same arena.

Barry B. Beckwith


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