There is a human connection between natural disasters and prayer.

Natural disasters such as tornadoes, floods, wild fires, earthquakes and tsunamis all have a way of minimizing human prowess and accomplishments.

We are helpless against the forces of nature; all we can do is seek cover before disaster strikes and clean up in the aftermath. Everyone is powerless to prevent these forces of the planet, and humanity hates feeling helpless.

These same major disasters, however, also serve to unite people to a common cause: preservation of life and meaning in the disaster.

Faith and belief practices provide meaning in life against such impersonal forces. Faith and belief practices also unite humanity in the preservation of all life, regardless of the national boundary or political interest.

When natural disasters strike anywhere in the world, there is a call for assistance to recover, preserve life and, yes, prayer for the survivors. We offer prayer for their healing, comfort in their losses and connection that they are not alone in their efforts to survive.

While many things in life divide nations, our concerted effort to survive on the planet in the wake of natural disasters helps forge the common resolve to continue, thrive and endure these hardships. This is the ongoing connection between natural disasters and prayer.

James A. Weathersby


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