Where did the United States and the world go wrong with the economy?

When did the government decide to keep the economy running by printing more debt money and increasing the debt?

This idea and others like it got us into the Great Depression. Spending money on bailouts, propping up bad investments, borrowing and inflating the currency cannot produce sound economic growth. The failure to recognize the shortcomings of regulated trade, inflation and macromanagement and the danger of government protection of last resort, has propelled us into a $14.3 billion deficit.

The end stages of the current monetary and economic system based on a pure fiat dollar — creating a dollar out of thin air, will lead into a final economic chaos and final world bankruptcy.

Acceptance of the economic principals of free markets (not controlled and unfair markets), a sound money system based on gold and silver, private property and recognizing that the welfare-warfare state is not compatible with the U.S. Constitution would go a long way to solving our problems.

It would require debunking false economic assumptions and the monetary policies of the Federal Reserve and the role it plays in the authoritarian approach of big government.

The United States has to reject the idea that the neo-cons want a world empire, 800 military bases in 135 countries, that our nation cannot afford. All great empires went bankrupt by over-extending their military worldwide. The United States hasn’t learned from history.

Marcel LeRoi


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