It appears that much of your July 27 editorial about President Barack Obama was copied directly from talking points supplied by the Republican National Committee.

Although both sides are to blame for allowing us to get to this point, let’s not forget that the previous president inherited a surplus and then put two wars, two large tax cuts, TARP and the Medicare prescription drug program on the country’s credit card, and the bill is now due.

That is what the debt ceiling issue is about; paying for debts we’ve already incurred. The real issue for Americans will be the costs associated with increased borrowing costs.

The phony stand by Republicans to avoid revenue increases will be greatly overshadowed by the hidden tax due to interest rates going up for loans both personal and business.

The Republicans’ plan will stall the economy even more.

How can the newspaper blame the president for not offering compromises (how about $2.7 trillion in cuts over 10 years with no revenue increases) or a deal the other side could accept when Congress is being held hostage by the tea party wing of the Republican party?

The paper’s position on this issue is a stark reminder that reasonable discourse appears to be going out of fashion in some political circles. Your readers deserve better than your churlish diatribe.

Bill Barron

South Gardiner

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