Deputy Attorney General Bill Stokes has again resorted to his tiresome mantra about the “mountain of evidence” against Dennis Dechaine, but repetition does not make it so.

The only significant evidence that remains in the state’s case is that someone removed incriminating objects from Dechaine’s truck. Not only has the supposedly damning testimony of two detectives been discredited by their own notes, but renowned forensic pathologists have determined to their satisfaction that Dechaine was in police custody when Sarah Cherry was killed.

Given that 100 percent of the scientific evidence argues for Dechaine’s innocence, one might hope that Attorney General William Schneider would wish to be certain that the real killer had been imprisoned. However, in court on July 29, Stokes made every effort to block any search for the truth.

Judge Carl Bradford deserves praise for keeping open doors that the state wished to slam shut.

William Bunting


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