I have recently noticed a political ad on TV. An organization that claims to be protecting America’s health care, has been hammering Rep. Paul Ryan’s proposal to lower government spending. First of all, the Wisconsin Republican’s bill was killed in the Senate more than a month ago.

I haven’t read all of Ryan’s plan to lower and ultimately put a stop to our deficit spending. He likely does include a $100 billion cut in Medicare. I suspect that could be accomplished by eliminating fraud or requiring those 55 and younger to wait one more year for their coverage to be effective.

The three very senior citizens in the ad should not be affected in any way by such a reduction.

What Ryan was thinking, in his bill, is that everyone must sacrifice a bit if the deficit is to be reduced.

The question should be: Where were the people in the ad when President Barack Obama’s health care bill was passed?

That bill was funded only by cutting $500 billion from existing Medicare programs.

What was President Obama thinking?

Richard J. LaPorte


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