I am disheartened with the constant mudslinging between political parties in Maine throughout our nation. So much negativity and blame placing and ridicule is just embarrassing to see and/or hear.

As Americans and human beings, we are supposed to be caring of one another and of our needs and to be patriotic Americans. What I’m seeing is not caring the American way!

We have two major political parties, but one does not make the other wrong. I couldn’t believe it when the president threatened our elderly with their pensions and blamed his comments on the Republicans’ unmoving budgetary votes. Why is he playing the blame game?

I thought the whole idea of a democracy was our right to choose and that the president represents all of us, not just the Democrats or whatever party he is part of. “United We Stand, Divided We Fall!

“We” need to make a plea to our government representatives to vote with US in mind, and not just their wallets or the government’s wallet. “We” need to vote at each election. “We” need to check the facts because no one is telling it all as it is.

We should not succumb to negativity; this nation is still “one nation, under God, indivisible…” This is our pledge, and we should remind our government representatives that we are united. Because, divided we will fall.

When we vote next election, we need think about our community, our family’s communities and our friends’ communities. What do we want for all?

We should not depend on our friends’ opinions or the media for our information; we should see all we can see and hear all we can hear. It’s time-consuming, but it is important. “We” are important.

Laura Paquet


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