MADISON — A bloody fight between neighbors Thursday night left one man with a possible facial fracture and a police officer and his cruiser splattered with blood.

Robert Lizak, 52, was charged with disorderly conduct — and may face further charges — after he assaulted a female neighbor because her children were supposedly being too loud, said Sgt. David Trask with the Madison Police Department.

The dispatch center received three phone calls around 7:20 p.m. from neighbors reporting a disturbance on Rowell Street. The first call reported a man hitting a woman, and the last reported two males fighting, Trask said.

After Lizak, who was intoxicated, assaulted his female neighbor, the woman’s brother stepped in to defend her, Trask said. He did not know their names but said Lizak appeared to have suffered a facial fracture and a broken nose in the brawl.

“There was quite a bit of blood,” he said.

When Madison officers Brett Lowell and Toby Blodgett arrived, Lizak was uncooperative and tried to flee.

“They had to physically restrain him,” Trask said.

Lizak tried to damage the cruiser en route to Redington-Fairview General Hospital, Trask said, so Lowell had to stop to apply additional restraints.

He refused medical attention at first, “but at some point he gave up resisting and consented to being treated,” Trask said.

Lizak was later taken to Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor, and officers arranged for a personal recognizance bail, Trask said.

A hospital spokeswoman said Friday afternoon she had no information on Lizak, meaning he either was not in the hospital or hadn’t signed a consent form giving her approval to release information.

During the arrest, Lizak’s blood got on Lowell, so he was also checked into the Skowhegan hospital to see if he’d been exposed to blood-borne pathogens.

It’s likely Lizak will face additional assault charges, Trask said. The man who punched him was not charged because “he was stepping in and defending the first woman,” Trask said.

The incident began when Lizak grumbled about the woman’s children.

“He was complaining to her about that. I think that’s how it all got going,” Trask said. “They were an annoyance to him, and he was highly intoxicated.”

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