I am pleased to see that AARP has endorsed legislation introduced by Sens. Olympia Snowe of Maine and John Kerry of Massachusetts.

If passed, the Medicare Home Infusion Therapy Coverage Act of 2011 will provide coverage for infusion therapy services, supplies and equipment under Medicare Part B performed in the patient’s home. By allowing the patient to remain in their own home for treatment, this bill could help reduce the risk of secondary infections.

It is also expected to generate savings to the Medicare program because the cost of providing care in an individual’s home is often less expensive than care provided in an institution.

Many patients in the United States rely upon infusion or intravenous therapy for their medication. Certain medications, including blood transfusions, can be administered only intravenously.

Now, Medicare covers infusion therapy services only when they are done in hospitals, physicians’ offices or other institutional settings. For those who are physically challenged or who do not have transportation, just getting to such a facility can be very difficult.

AARP looks forward to working with Snowe and Kerry to enact this important bipartisan legislation.

Rena Heath

AARP Maine Outreach Volunteer


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