It is time to put on your pink for those who have breast cancer and those who have had it. For those who have beaten it and are here to spread the support and participate in fund raisers for the research that will find a cure one day.

Breast cancer is a treatable form of cancer if detected early. Mammograms are available. Do self-exams. If a lump is detected, then get it taken care of. It may very well save your life.

It is scary but one way or another, it can be dealt with. Give the medical field that chance to help you. There are a lot of wonderful support systems out there.

Remind those you love to get their mammograms whether or not there is a history of cancer. Breast cancer is nothing to take lightly. It will not go away if you ignore it. There a lot of people out there who care (family, friends).

What would it feel like to them if breast cancer was developed and nothing was done to prevent it when it could have been? Let the people who care help you.

Keep this in mind — “Breast Cancer is Beatable.” Learn the facts at

Jesse Burgess

South Gardiner

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