Americans are falling for it again, just a new strategy for the Obama campaign.

The protesters on Wall Street are getting a lot of coverage from the mainstream news media, unlike when the tea party demonstrated. Wall Street demonstrators are protesting everything, and half of them don’t even know why they’re there, they just are.

Jobs? Well, there are jobs out there, but they’re not good enough and a person can make out better drawing unemployment, or better yet government programs.

The theory was immigrants were taking jobs away, yet members of this generation don’t want these jobs because they’re beneath their dignity.

Walmart, Burger King and other jobs that pay minimum wage are not on their agenda, after all it’s great to stay home and do nothing.

Who wants to start at the bottom and work their way up? Let someone else do the so-called dirty work.

But it’s all right to assemble in front of big businesses and destroy the area around it, so the states end up paying for all the destruction and cleaning up.

All that money wasted so people can cry about not finding jobs. If people are going to fight for a cause, they should at least fight for the right one, and the right way, not at the cost of the states and the taxpayers.

Since when have certain businesses and unions paid to feed and aid protesters? Not unless it’s to their advantage.

I worked all my life and earned everything I have. Once, unemployment lasted only six months if you were lucky to be on it that long, then you actually had to find work so you could pay bills.

As the Silhouettes sang in the 1950s: “Get a job.”

Brenda Lachance


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