Time Warner Cable needs money. Wait, let me rephrase that: Time Warner Cable wants more of “our” money.

It is changing to an all-digital cable TV signal, which is eventually going to cost us more money.

None of my friends is interested in digital TV. I suppose some people want it, but I doubt it’s the majority. So this is one way for Time Warner to get more of our money.

Eventually, TWC will start charging 99 cents per month for each television we have in our houses because we need a digital adapter to get a picture. A remote comes with this adapter. The remote we have now won’t work.

I have friends in upstate New York who have gone through this “digital thing.” They have told me that people who have the remotes are now charged $5 per month for the remote.

Time Warner has not said anything about charging for a remote, but it’s more money for the company — make the call. We might want to be careful about how many remotes we get.

It’s too bad that Maine won’t allow cable competition. We wouldn’t have to go all through this if we didn’t want digital. There is, of course, satellite, and I’m getting ready to look into that. My guess would be that others are too, if they have open sky out from their house. No digital needed.

Dick Finley

East Vassalboro

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