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BECKET, Mass. — Three men an ex-Augusta, Maine, man allegedly helped murder were killed by multiple close-range gunshots, including some to the head.

Robert T. Chadwell, 47, died by “homicidal violence including gunshot wounds of head and torso”; and Edward S. Frampton, 58, by “homicidal violence including gunshot wounds of torso and extremities,” according to records obtained by the Berkshire Record.

David R. Glasser, 44, also was killed.

The three men’s disappearance Aug. 28 sparked a frantic search by authorities who located all the parts of the dismembered bodies buried in a yard at 593 Woodmere Road in Becket almost two weeks later.

A probable cause report filed by police in September said the three died by violence and that an excavation and burial of the remains are part of the crime scene. The trench in which the bodies were dumped may have been 20 feet deep. Police said it was a deep trench covered over with large boulders and dirt.

Authorities may still be uncertain where the men were gunned down.

Nor have they disclosed, if they have the information, whether the they were murdered together, at the same spot, simultaneously and the condition of the remains.

“There is no new information,” a spokesman for Berkshire District Attorney David Capeless said Tuesday.

Three men are charged in the incident and face three counts each of first degree murder, along with conspiracy and other charges.

The alleged mastermind is Hells Angels member Adam L. Hall, 34, of Pittsfield and Peru. Also charged is Caius D. Veiovis, 31, of Pittsfield and formerly of Augusta, Maine; and David T. Chalue, 44, of North Adams and Springfield.

Police said they have video of the three alleged killers together several hours immediately before the abduction. It shows the alleged murderers using a car owned by Hall, according to police.

Shortly before the kidnappings, police said a witness saw Hall leaving his Pittsfield home and getting into a car fitting the description of that owned by Veiovis.

The report does not specify Veiovis at that vehicle then. Neither Hall’s nor Veiovis’ automobile is described in the report.

Police said witnesses saw Hall, Veiovis and Chalue still together, hours immediately after the abduction at Hall’s residence in Peru. The probable cause report does not describe Hall, Veiovis or Chalue directly in the act of murder.

The report clearly points to Hall as the alleged killing leader, with a “motive and demonstrated propensity to commit these crimes.”

Glasser was to testify against Hall on Sept. 19 in a multi-part violent crimes case.

Glasser was under police protection by order of the district attorney at the time of his abduction and subsequent murder.

According to the report, Hall enlisted the aid of Veiovis and Chalue.

Police said one week following the Aug. 28 kidnapping, “Hall, Chalue and Veiovis were located together in Veiovis’ vehicle, from which the rear seat had been removed and which later proved presumptively positive for the presence of blood in the interior.”

A second vehicle used by Chalue to drive Hall “also tested presumptively positive for the presence of blood,” according to the report.

It does not shed light on whether the blood matched the victims’.

The three suspects are being held without bail.

Veiovis’ estranged wife, Kristen L. Deluca, 30, who has lived in Pittsfield, was not among a group of 10 spectators at Veiovis’ Oct. 11 Pittsfield Superior Court arraignment.

Deluca said Tuesday she is separated from Veiovis and is being harassed because of her past association with him.

Marriage archives from Maine show Veiovis and Deluca married on Nov. 1, 2008. Her Twitter feed showed she left him no later than mid-August.

Deluca has been given a hard time for bringing Veiovis to the Berkshires.

She recently worked at Queensborough Spirits, but said social pressure forced her to resign.

Jim Russell is editor of the weekly Berkshire Record.

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