AUGUSTA — The Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Augusta recently held a gathering to celebrate the launch of its cookbook, “The Fellowship of Food.”

Church members prepared recipes for sampling and cooked dishes such as Peppercorka, Shoo Fly Pie, Momma’s Creamy Custard, and Apricot Chicken Spirals. The cover and divider pages of the book features original oil paintings by Sandra Leinonen-Dunn of Chelsea, who distributed books and autographed copies.

Beatrice Robbins, 101, whose recipes appear throughout the book, also signed copies of the cookbook. Copies of Robbins’ recipe cards are on the back of each divider page and readers can follow her handwritten directions for recipies such as Velmas’s What U May Call, Pineapple Milk Sherbet and more.

The book also shows a photograph of Beatrice and her husband, the Rev. Douglas Robbins, taken in 1943, as they began his 30-year ministry at the church. Robbins passed away in 1980.

The Fellowship of Food took more than one year to complete. Many of the recipes are preceded by personal comments and quotations are featured throughout the book. The cookbook was edited by Bruce Bierce and Judy McCown, with committee members Barbara DeWolfe, Roberta Record, Helen Wing, and Cheryl Clukey. It was printed by The Copy Center in Augusta. Cookbooks cost $15 with an additional $5 for shipping and handling if mailed. To order, email [email protected]

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