I received a e-mail from a friend in Florida the other day, all happy and excited that a governor with a backbone finally made a new law in their state.

The law is, if you want public assistance from the state, then you have to be drug-free. You will find that the ones on drugs will cry that this is violating their rights, but if your employer at a real job can do it, then why can’t the state require it? Do you realize how much money we would save?

The state would pay about $30 dollars for each test, but depending on the individual this could be one day of assistance they get. The governor is only focusing on cutbacks on everyone. Instead of taking away from truly the ones that need it, they should focus on the ones that sell their public assistance for their addiction, and if they’re clean, then you know that’s one thing we’re not enabling them to do.

I realize the abuse of public assistance will never be stopped, but this would put a dent in it.

Kimberly Warman


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