Isn’t it amazing how some people can twist facts and tell half truths to make a person sound bad, when in fact they really do not know the facts (i.e. Carol Roux, letter, Oct. 30).

Fact: George Bush got us into two wars and more debt, with the approval of Congress. George Bush warned Congress about the housing crunch a good two years before it happened and the warnings fell on deaf ears, especially those of U.S. Rep. Barney Franks and Sen. Chris Dodd, who it is claimed, were making money on the housing market.

As far as the jobs going overseas, that is a fact, but that started when our government put people on the payroll to go to third world countries and entice American companies to move to said countries.

The first time I read about this was during the Clinton administration, but it was happening before that. Also, didn’t Ross Perot elude to a big sucking sound if Congress passed NAFTA? So, if you are going to deal in facts, let’s deal in facts. The time has come, for the Democrats, to stop blaming George Bush for everything and start taking some responsibility for themselves.

Gary Kitchen


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