This is in response to Rep. Robert Nutting’s, R-Oakland, (Maine Compass, Oct. 24) concern that Sprint is spreading false e-mails on the AT&T acquisition of T-Mobile. If Nutting doesn’t think these jobs are at risk as a result of the merger than he does not understand corporate finance and strategy. It has nothing to do with Sprint and everything to do with fundamental reasons for any merger — i.e. revenue growth and leverage.

Leverage means reducing the overall AT&T workforce to get more out of less in order to reduce cost. Oakland will be competing with other potential areas of workforce reductions to achieve these goals. It is also naive to assume that this risk is not there because of statements AT&T is making prior to the merger.

I have been on both ends of many of these mergers as a corporate executive prior to starting my own business. What is said today is not necessarily what is done later. Even good intention statements get changed after the acquiring company finds out the reality of what they are dealing with post-acqusition.

We all have a right to be concerned.

Mike Willey


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